Monthly Archives: August 2011

Once upon a time, I had an ugly plain wooden box lying around. I was feeling restless creative and decided to paint it bright orange. It reminded me of Hermes – and the beautiful boxes Hermes items are packed in. So I decided to go super chinese and create a vintage looking Hermes trunk/bedside table/storage unit.



Still life surprise in the house waiting for Mom to get back from Miami.

Box created using:

Plain pine wooden box. Box painted using a mixture of bright orange and bronze acrylic paint to create the perfect shade. Details (Hermes Logo) in dark brown – hand painted with a super fine brush. Golden trunk locks and hinges used for vintage trunk like look. The box is sealed using paraffin wax making it resistant to mug/glass stains and any liquid spills.


أم كلثوم

Om Kalthoum – Died in 1975 – Still regarded as one of the greatest Egyptian singers/Song writers of all time.

I love her face and distinctive tacky style.

This is a pop art take on her portrait using a fleur-de-lis modern background and a hand sewn sequin collar.

My mother hung her in our house and someone offered her a hefty amount of pocket change took her away, right there and then -just like that. She claims she was giving me a lesson in the ‘art of dis-attachment’ to your own work.

The size is 60cm x 40xm

Image created using: Acrylic paint on canvas, chalk highlights and shading, sequin hand sewn collar and glossy varnish to finish and make drip free and potent enough to resist pain waterproof.

نجيب محفوظ

Dr. Naguib Mahfouz was an Egyptian writer who won the 1988 Nobel Literature Award.

After his death in 2006, I was commissioned to paint his portrait for a  crazy fan of Dr.Mahfouz’s and long time addict of his work gentlemans office in down town Cairo.

The above image was 45cm x 50cm.

Image created using: Acrylic paint on canvas – Black charcoal for definition and highlights.

Adriana Lima. Brazilian Model. Victoria’s Secret Angel.

I was commissioned to paint her in pop-art style, with the request that I use neutral tones and the end result to be sensual/feminine.

The painting was then hung over a mantle in a female bedroom in Cairo.

This was the only  blackberry camera picture i took to send to a friend, hence the poor quality photograph I took before I sold it, I have zoomed in on the lace bra & screen shot the images side-by-side – the original is the left image and measured 70cm x 50cm

Image created using:  Acrylic paint on canvas.

Khan-El-Khalili Bazaar treasure trove. Tourists flock here for gifts and souvenirs – Locals go to buy raw materials like fabric and beads – and have studio spaces within for production.

My favourite finds are vintage cameras, old school rolex/cartier/omega watches, semi-precious stones, gold charms, pillows and blankets, spices and dried dates.

Photograpy by: Me – Images saturated using Photoshop.

The feeling of being in love. The chaos in your stomach. We all know the feeling. Portrayed here.

Images created by: dripping ink on paper, submerging paper in water, drying and finally saturating.