Her Highness.

أم كلثوم

Om Kalthoum – Died in 1975 – Still regarded as one of the greatest Egyptian singers/Song writers of all time.

I love her face and distinctive tacky style.

This is a pop art take on her portrait using a fleur-de-lis modern background and a hand sewn sequin collar.

My mother hung her in our house and someone offered her a hefty amount of pocket change took her away, right there and then -just like that. She claims she was giving me a lesson in the ‘art of dis-attachment’ to your own work.

The size is 60cm x 40xm

Image created using: Acrylic paint on canvas, chalk highlights and shading, sequin hand sewn collar and glossy varnish to finish and make drip free and potent enough to resist pain waterproof.


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