Monthly Archives: January 2012

I went here Simon Lee Gallery to see Toby ZieglerĀ 

I looked, I liked…

Then hidden away downstairs I came across Mel Bochner (images below) and I loved.

Text is my thing.




40 minute madness.

I am not particularly interested in the forties.

This image took me 40 minutes to create winning the title ‘The Fab Forties’.

Image is : 130cm x 35cm

Image created using: Acrylic paint – Black & Turquoise. I then sanded the paint to create an aged effect and varnished to seel.

Merci – Au revoir.


The original image from Vogue.

Two worlds collide .

My BFF has a vision – I create.

Unfortunately she can’t see the future, but in this case she is the visionary – I am the enabler.

Kitty close up.

Image is : 130cm x 95cm

Image created using: Acrylic paint – white, black, aubergine & gold.

Pop Art King. My aunt and I felt the need to bond. We got together, sat down and made this.

Image is: 110cm x 70cm

Image created using: Acrylic paint, glitter, sequins & relief pens.

We also chatted in Latin and discussed ‘greater powers’.

I call this TH-ER-APY.